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International A level - Mathematics

Subject Summary

This International A level maths has a strong emphasis on pure mathematics to equip students for undergraduate study. The syllabus is informed by consultation with subject specialists from the best UK universities - confirming that a pure maths emphasis at A-level provides the best platform to a maths-related course at undergraduate level. There are 2 core units: Core 12 (AS)and core34(A2) and 2 optional units, one in AS level and the other in A2 level.

Course Content

Core Mathematics C12

  1. Mensuration
  2. Arithmetic series
  3. Geometric series
  4. Binomial series
  5. Logarithms and exponentials
  6. Cosine rule
  7. Numerical integration

Core Mathematics C34

  1. Logarithms and exponentials
  2. Trigonometric identities
  3. Differentiation
  4. Integration


  1. Mathematical models in probability and statistics
  2. Representation and summary of data
  3. Probability
  4. Correlation and regression
  5. Discrete random variables
  6. The Normal distribution

Statistics 2

  1. The Binomial and Poisson distributions
  2. Continuous random variables
  3. Continuous distributions
  4. Hypothesis tests