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Program. for Kids - Adventures in Java Programming

Program | Loop | Execute.

Computer Programming for kids summer camp

Explore how to create software applications and character animation using Scratch and Java™! Scratch is an application developed by MIT, an award-winning drag-and-drop programming tool that requires no previous coding knowledge to use. Students will then move on to Processing which is a simple and straightforward programming language, also developed at MIT that introduces students to Java™ – the world’s most common programming language. Both applications help introduce non-programmers to programming with the support of instant-gratification of visual feedback.


Program Details

  • Ages: 8 – 12
  • Hours: 9.30 am – 1.00pm
  • Tuition: €80
  • Duration: one week
  • Date: July 24th to 28th , 2017


Students will learn the following concepts in this unit:

While creating a unque project, students will learn the folowing programming concepts:

  • Programming objects
  • Classes
  • Methods
  • For loops
  • Lists, Arrays
  • Constructor
  • Try Catch 

Develop 21st Century Life Skills

  • Work collaboratively with other students
  • Problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Practice time management
  • Develop relationships
  • Learn team building skills